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Meet ALAN, the 3D printable robot kit. Once assembled, ALAN becomes a unique platform to interact with and learn robotics. Experience emerging technologies such as ChatBots and AI, or simply connect ALAN to Amazon's Alexa or Apples Siri for a personal assistant.


ALAN is a 1:1 human scale robot head and shoulders measuring 16 inches tall and provides 6 axes of motion. You 3D print, assemble, paint, and add your own third party hardware and software like EZ Robot's EZB controller.  The kit is designed to use off the shelf components like radio controlled servos. The magnetic and modular components will allow for future upgrades, like our upcoming female Alena module.

What can i do with ALAN?

Using any micro-controller like the powerful EZ Robotics' EZB™ or Ardurino™ as the brains, ALAN's development is only limited by your imagination.

Basic Functions:
  • Control via tablet or phone
  • Lip sync with audio output
  • Voice recognition 
  • Voice synthesis
  • On-board camera for vision
  • Motion tracking

ALAN's functionality can be extended by utilizing third party software such as RoboRealm™ and EZ-AI™  


Advanced Functions:

  • Object & facial recognition training
  • Chatbots
  • Reminders
  • Web information search
  • Navigation & mapping
  • Read emails, RSS feeds, and audio books aloud

ALAN can serve as a personal assistant by simply connecting to any voice activated digital assistant technology. Simply plug in Amazon's Echo, Apple's Siri, Google's Now, Cortana or Viv.


Digital personal assistant:

  • Home automation
  • Grocery lists and ordering from Amazon (must have an Amazon Prime account)
  • Directions and mapping
  • Search the web
  • Read and write emails. 
  • Read audio books aloud

What files are included?

The STL's include all the parts to build ALAN. You will need a larger print bed to produce these parts. At Robomodix we use Robo 3D R1 Plus. We also include the factory files, for the Robo R1 plus. If you use Simplfy 3D, we have done all the work for you. Just load the files and press print. We've tested the files and set the best print settings and edited the supports for you. Also included is a PDF for instructions on assembling your robot with a BOM. There will also be a video instruction series on YouTube.


Robomodix will be creating the platinum silicone faces for the ALAN line of robots. These will be available to purchase in our online store later this year. 


STL's included: 
  • Shoulder module 
  • Neck and lower head module
  • Sub Skull ( front and back) module
  • Jaw module
  • Eye module 
C.E.O. and Creative Director


William Huff, the founder of Robomodix has 25 years of experience in the motion picture industry.  He specializes in effects, animatronics, robotics, computer animation, design and 3D printing. Robomodix focuses on designing social robots that fuse art with technology.

  • Today’s AI is about new ways of connecting people to computers, people to knowledge, people to the physical world, and people to people.


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"Huff and his team separates themselves from the rest of the robot design crowd in matters of aesthetics, materials, and mechanisms."

      --David Greer, Servo Magazine