Monthly Archives: February 2017

T shirts

We had some T-shirts printed and will go up for sale on the store front once we start selling the STl’s. Here are a few pics….

What is taking so long??

We get a lot of emails every day asking when the files will be ready. Its been a long time since the Kickstarter campaign ended. We’ve taken the time to address and improve some mechanical parts. As we’ve said in a previous post, we will be releasing 4 robots including ALAN. We are printing, testing […]

Robomodix News

Robomodix would like to introduce you to the next line up of hard core robots. Her name is Alena. She is based on the same Hard Core technology of HC Alan. Running on the same robust EZ Robots EZB and the latest EZ Builder, Alena can perform the same great tasks as Alan in a […]